Choosing an Architect

Choosing an architect is a very important step in getting a job done right the first time. Architects are not cheap but a good architect is well worth the money when desigin a home, addition or renovation.

Many people choose to not hire architects to lower their overall project cost. Some builders will tell you that you do not need an architect. While that may be true, an architect allows you to see your finished project before work even begins. All of the little glitches can be worked out and you can be sure that your renovation or new home will have all of the details that you envisioned and will be constructed properly.

Do it yourself
If you prefer to do it yourself, there are several user friendly CAD programs that will allow you to sketch your addition, renovation or remodel with a little practice. The CAD program will give you three dimensional views and specific measurements of your project which are essential when relaying that information to a builder or carpenter.

The CAD programs are also very useful even if you are planning to use an architect since they will allow you to play around with several ideas yourself rather than paying an architect to do it for you. This will give an architect a starting point and allow him/her to be more efficient and thus save you money in the long run.