Common Mistakes When Renovating

1.Lack of Planning.
Failure to plan for any of the following would most probably result in an undesirable outcome:

Structural Planning
You just can’t renovate your home without taking into consideration its end results. A space may not relate to other elements of the structure due to an inappropriate design. Tearing down walls could just weaken the structure for some walls have been attributed to bear weight.

Try to do the planning with the contractor or an architect. You must know the technicalities of your home so that its structural integrity won’t be compromised.

Financial Planning
Misappropriation is the common cause of financial setbacks in most construction projects. Sometimes it’s overspending. Everything in the project should be accounted for. As much as possible, you should stick to the budget. Also, allocate an emergency fund that is 10-20% over the budget to cover for any unforeseeable expenses.

2. Altering the Essentials.

Ignoring the Rules
Rules are rules. Failure to abide would yield spiteful consequences.

Not Asking Help from the Experts
Expert help is essential in a project of this scale. You may know a thing or two on the renovation process but only a well-trained person would know better on what you have done wrongly. Asking for some professional advice won’t hurt that much compared to what you could lose in the end.

Skipping steps
Shortcuts pose risks especially if it’s done during the construction process. You should follow the instructions there is in executing something, it could be a lifesaver.

3. Lack of Monitoring. Leaving everything to the workers is not a good practice. You should monitor every renovation process undertaken. Monitoring would make you know these less known details of the project:

Worker’s Qualification and the Quality of Work
Are they well-trained and equipped? You should not be satisfied on the contractor company’s assurance of quality service, you should see it yourself. A worker’s ineffectiveness reflects the quality of the work done. Letting an inexperienced worker take over home is a disaster in the making.

4. Unexpected Setbacks.
Even if you thoroughly planned the implementation of the project, always be open to any unforeseeable setback.

Extended Timeline
Things at the construction site can go unpredictable at times. So be prepared with a contingency plan so that you won’t be overwhelmed when things go wrong.

On-site accidents do happen but if you are not prepared, it can get worse. Consider some safety precautions to prevent any untoward incidents to happen.

5. Getting Carried Away.

Too Much Decorating
If you consider resale, too much fixtures and finishes won’t be necessary. It would just make your home cost more than it should, thus shying away the buyers.

Being Impractical
You are selling your house so you want it to be in the best condition, but spending too much for the renovation won’t be practical. You should only spend 10-15% of the assumed house value. And the issue won’t only be how much you will spend but how you will spend it. If you are planning to invest it on the construction of a pool, then you should think twice. It would just make your house difficult to sell.