Kitchen Remodeling: Is It Really Necessary?

Your family could’ve more questions depending on their considerations and priorities. But if you are really eager, you must try to weigh the pros and cons of the said undertaking. Insisting your side may result in regretting your decision afterwards.

To aid you in your decision, we’ve cited out two opposing stands on this matter. After reading this, that very important question of the remodeling’s necessity should be answered.

Why not?

1. The kitchen itself is a necessity. Its function had always been one of the fundamental necessities of a home. We need to eat and to be able to eat we need to prepare food in the kitchen – there’s no question to that.

2. It will increase the value of your home. Every part of the home is an investment with returns that you can benefit in the long run. As long as your expenses are tied up with a reasonable budget, your remodeled kitchen will be a worthwhile investment.

3. It will make the life of a housekeeper easier. The very idea of remodeling the kitchen could rise from your discomforts in its design, accessibility of storage areas and the necessity to add some features like a breakfast counter where the family could gather. Improving these features will surely make the kitchen chores easier and the experience of preparing food for the family more fulfilling.

No way!

1. The kitchen is still working. For many, the kitchen’s use is very basic: food preparation and handling. Emphasizing the necessity of remodeling the kitchen with a family member who has this kind of mindset won’t probably yield positive results. As long as the kitchen is good and working, remodeling it would become something as vain as buying a luxury car.

2. That’s expensive. From the changing of tiles to the setting up of the lighting fixtures, remodeling the kitchen won’t be that cheap. Even if your plan is only to make some minor changes like changing cabinet doors, it will still eat up cash. Make sure that your budget will be enough to allocate all your desired improvements.

3. We won’t sell our home. The value of your home won’t be important for some family members especially if you need to spend a considerable amount of money. What would be the use of it anyway? You’re not up to appraising your home for an urgent sale. As long as your kitchen works as expected, it would be enough for the needs of your family.

If you’re asked this question now: “Is it really necessary to remodel the kitchen?” What will your answer be?